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Any securities issued by the securitisation vehicles managed by EuroTitrisation can not and must not be subscribed or held by individuals, both in France (under Article 411-1 of the Monetary and Financial Code), and in all other  countries.

All the features, information and data provided on the EuroTitrisation Website above are exclusively for the information of qualified subscribers of the securities issued by the securitisation vehicles, as well as to the entities entitled to this information in accordance with agreements and rules applicable to each securitisation transaction.

In particular, no user of this Website, if (s)he is not a qualified investor, should act according to information published on this Site. We disclaim any liability for the use, copying or subsequent publication, partial or complete reproduction of information and data disseminated on this Site by a user.

The dissemination of the above information and data will not be considered as an offer to the public in France.