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EuroTitrisation is equipped with an electronic document creation and electronic signature device that allows electronic generation and signing of contracts or transfer deeds. This tool was developed by the EuroTitrisation teams and represents a major technological advance in the market of the dematerialisation and security of documents.

Deedgital Box allows a drastic simplification of management processes and unparalleled fluidity, generating multiple gains:

Time gains

No round trip by post or porters, no signature by hand. It is possible to sign a large mass of documents in one go.

Economic gains

Dematerialisation, end of paper use, no need for physical storage spaces.

Facilitated control

A facilitated control for the statutory auditors.

Productivity gains

Speedy and fluid system, whether that is for Sellers, Custodian, or the Management Company.

Security gains

A secure process for signing documents with strong and weak identifications. 

The specifications on which this system is based meet the following security requirements for the digitally signed document:


The identity of the signatory must be found with certainty.


The signature cannot be falsified. One person cannot pretend to be another.


The person who signed cannot deny its signature.


Once signed, the document cannot be annotated or modified.


The signature is not reusable. It is an integral and inseparable part of the signed document and cannot be extracted from that document nor placed on another.