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Our offer of services is vertically integrated, covering and supplying all areas relevant for securitisation operations: legal, management, administration, IT, analysis and accounting.


  • Production of management reports, accounting statements and regulatory reports.
  • Asset and liability tracking.
  • Monitoring triggers and covenants.
  • Relationship management with counterparties and auditors.


  • Review and analysis of the legal structure of each transaction and documentation.
  • Intervention during each modification or derogation from the legal documentation.
  • Supervision of the implementation of the contracts.
  • Relationship management with regulatory authorities.


  • Modeling of the IT data exchange model adapted to the business and / or technical constraints of the servicer.
  • Custom design and development of software dedicated to each transaction.
  • Ability to process millions of occurrences, supported by state-of-the-art tools.
  • Strong security and confidentiality requirements for processed data.